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Free Plagiarism Checker – Hello Friends, Do you want to check your content quality and Plagiarism in it? So, Today I am going to tell you about Top Free Plagiarism Checker, Which I personally used to any detect Plagiarism in my post.

Plagiarism is the biggest enemy of all Bloggers. Because, If our content is 10% Plagiarized, The search engine will not index our article or not rank on the First page. Also, If you are new, you will not get Google AdSense approval. To get approved by AdSense, We need 100% unique content. But, How we will know that our Content is Not Plagiarized? So, read this post carefully to know about Top 4 Plagiarism Checker.

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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a type of Stealing other content like article, Paragraph, images etc. Many New Bloggers just Copy & Paste other websites content in their blog and This is the biggest mistake. Because, Search engines detect their Plagiarized content and Sometimes, They blacklist their Domain.

Free Plagiarism Checker helps you to find some Plagiarized content in your post, which should be removed before Publishing or Submitting in Search engines. Here are the Top 4 Free Plagiarism checker, which I personally use to Detect Plagiarism in my Content. Also, they are very accurate and secure.

Free Plagiarism Checker –

  1. SmallSeoTools
    SmallSeoTools is a Very Popular website among all the Bloggers. They Provide many tools for absolutely Free which help Blogger to create and Check Backlinks, Website Ranking etc. But, the most popular tool which is provided by them is Plagiarism Checker which is very accurate. It checks each Line and Detects Plagiarism in it. You should definitely try their Plagiarism checker and Online Ping Tool for Fast indexing on Google. But, they have some limits I.e, You can check 1000 Words only and If your content or Article has more than 1000 words. So, you need to check or divide your content in Parts.
  2. PrePostSeo
    Like SmallSeoTools, PrePostSeo is also the One of the Best and Popular Website among Bloggers. It empowers 95+ Free SEO Tools for Bloggers, You can check Alexa Rank, Moz Rank or Domain Authority of any Site. Also, Plagiarism checker Provided by PrePostSeo is very accurate and very easy to use. I used it personally to detect Plagiarism in my Content and I will recommend you to use both SmallSeoTools and PrePostSeo to check your Content.
  3. DupliChecker
    As the name Suggest, DupliChecker detects Duplicate content from your Article or Post .i.e, Plagiarized content. It is very accurate and detects Plagiarized content within Seconds. Unlike, SmallSeoTools and PrePostSeo, It doesn’t take too much time to load and Then, Detect Plagiarism. It is quick fast and easy to use.
  4. Grammarly
    Grammarly is very Popular to detect Grammar mistake. But, do you know You can check Plagiarism by using Grammarly? You can easily check your content in it. You will get every information and Also, It will scan your common Grammar mistakes.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

By using these Techniques, You can avoid Plagiarism very easily.
Write your own Content – Try to write content, You can take help from other sites for Suggestions. But, Don’t copy them, Write content in your Words.
If you found some Plagiarized content after using Free Plagiarism tool. So, Remove that content or You can rewrite it by using other words, Easy Right? 🙂

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Unique content is very important for your site to get high ranking on Google and other search engines. It is good for both Writer and Reader because everyone likes Unique and Interesting content. So, try to write as much unique and Interesting content in your Blog.
I hope Friends, You will like this article on Free Plagiarism checker. If you have any more Suggestions. So, Let me know your suggestions in the comment section below.
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