How to Earn Money From WhatsApp? The Complete Guide3 min read

Hi Friends, Do you want to earn money from WhatsApp? So, Today I am going to tell you, How you can earn money from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is very Popular for Free Video & Voice calling and Chats especially Among Young Generation. Every 3 out of 10 People’s are using Whatsapp. Off course, It is very helpful to send some Important files, Pictures or Videos and By It’s end to end Encryption, Our chat remain Private & Secure. Due to its Large network, Many People’s are earning money through WhatsApp. So, Today I am going to tell you some Popular ways to earn money from WhatsApp. So, Read this Post carefully to know more about it.

How to earn money from WhatsApp?

To earn money from WhatsApp, I will recommend you to join as much group you can. But, Join only Popular group which is clean and not spammy! So, Lets take a looknon Popular ways to earn money –

  1. Affiliate Marketing – You can do Affiliate Marketing to earn money from WhatsApp. Basically, You need to share some affiliate links for some products from Amazon or Flipkart. When your friends or family member buy any product using your link you will get commission for each sell. For example – Suppose You shared a Affiliate link of a Mobile phone worth 10,000 Rupees to your friend and If your friend buy Mobile phone using your affiliate link you will get commission of some around 500-1000 Rupees. That’s How, You can earn money through Affiliate Marketing on WhatsApp. If you want detailed information on Affiliate marketing. So, Please Visit on our Previous Article – How to do Affiliate Marketing? To get Affiliate links, You need to join some affiliate program like Amazon Associates and Flipkart Affiliate program. They are very Popular Affiliate programms. Share your affiliate links to All groups to get the best output, It is very easy to share affiliate links on WhatsApp.
  2. Share Short Links
    You can share some short Links of your choice and earn money from it. Basically, You need to join on a Link shortening website. I will recommend you to join shortest. When you share a Short link on a WhatsApp group and If anyone click on that link. So, You will get money for each click & For every 1 thousand click, You can get Upto 14$. It is very simple, Right? 🙂
    For example – Suppose, You want to share a Facebook page link to your friend on WhatsApp. So, You need to go to Shortest website and Short your Facebook link their. Then, You can share that Short link to your friend and If your friend click on your link. So, You will get paid. Using Link shortener, You can easily earn 20$ Per month. By just sharing Links to WhatsApp groups and Friends.
  3. Share & Earn
    Their are some Apps available on Play store like Daily news. They will give you money for sharing their app. You need to refer a friend on WhatsApp to download their App. If your friend download that app. You will get 25 Rs For each download, You can redeem your money using Paytm and Paypal

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So, Friends, I hope you will like this article on How to earn money from WhatsApp? If you have any suggestions on this topic. So, Let me know your suggestions in the Comment section below.
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