How to Get Google AdSense Approval Easily?

Hi Bloggers, If you are facing rejection from Google Adsense. So, Today I am going to tell you about How to get AdSense Approval very easily. You need to follow some simple steps which is given below.
First of all, Let us know, What is Google AdSense?

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is one of the leading Advertising platform among Millions of Advertisers as well as Publisher and It is one of trusted brand, Also. Every Single Blogger wants to get Approval from AdSense. Why? Because It pays the best value for your blog and your work. Also, Google is a trusted brand. Every Bloggers know and believe that They will definitely get their Payment. So, If you are excited to know How to get AdSense approval. So, Read this post carefully

If you want Google AdSense approval for your website or blog. So, Keep in mind that, Your Website or Blog must follow the AdSense Policies. Site contains Adult, illegal and violent content will not get approval from Adsense as it is against Google policies. So, Follow this few steps to get approval from Google AdSense –

How to Get Google AdSense Approval?

  • Write Quality Content

Writing quality content is not only helpful for to Get AdSense approval and also to get High ranking in Google search. If Google found your content really helpful. So, they will give you top ranking in Search results. You should write at least 15 to 20 unique post of more than 600+ words, To get AdSense Approval. Note that, Your post should be 100% unique and valuable. Do not use any type of Article spinner, To make your content unique because they will change the meaning of whole content. So, Write all the content yourself or you can hire a freelancer to write an article.

  • No Copyright Image

Do not use any images in your post which is copyrighted. Many new beginners, Just download images from Google but They don’t know it is copyrighted or not. By using copyrighted images, You can not get approval. So, Try to create an image or you can get free to use images from a popular website name Pixabay. Pixabay offers Millions of images, You can use it on your blog or website without any Copyright issue. I also use many images from Pixabay for my articles.

  • Important Pages

To get a Professional look for your blog and Google AdSense approval, You must have the important pages like About us, Contact, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy (Terms of Services, In few cases.) It shows that your site is Trustworthy or not. Also, If a user wants to Contact you. So, Your site must have a Contact us page. Create all the pages on your blog and Put it on the Header menu.

  • Site Customization

Here, I will give you some suggestions, How should you customize your website for AdSense approval? So, let’s take a look –

Header – Add a Logo and In Header menu place your important pages link like – About, Contact etc.

Sidebar – Do not fill your sidebar with some use less widgets like Timer etc. Add Popular Posts and Categories option in Sidebar. Also, Social media Links (If available)

Content (Post) – Display at least 7 Posts in Homepage which is useful and 100% unique.

Footer – If their is any option to add links in Footer. So, Add some important links like – Sitemap, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy etc.

Remember this equation to get AdSense ApprovalWrite Quality Content + 20 Posts (700 words) + Important Pages + AdSense Policies = Google AdSense approval

Last but not the Least, If you follow all the steps and write quality content. So, You will definitely get the AdSense approval. Also, You will get Traffic as well. I hope it will definitely work for you and you will get AdSense approval.

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