[Updated] How to get Popular Creator tag on TikTok? The Complete Guide3 min read

Hello Friends, If you are using TikTok Creator and Want Popular Creator tag like other Famous creators on TikTok. So, Today I am going to give you every information on How to get Popular Creator tag on TikTok?

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There is the various reason, Why TikTok Will give you a Popular Creator Tag? If you are already a famous actor or actress and want to move on TikTok. So, they will give you a Verified account badge without any Followers.

But, I know the question in your mind is, What If I am not already Famous? So, read this article to know about it.

How to get Popular Creator tag on TikTok?

Well, It is not easy to get Popular Creator tag on TikTok. At first, you need at least 100K Follower and Active fan following.
You have also seen that Some TikTok creators have more than 1 million followers. But, Still, they do not have any Popular Creator tag or badge on their account.

It is because the number of followers is not active on their account. Means, They are not getting much Like and Comments on their TikTok Videos. So, Your Followers must be Active and be sure they comment and like on your TikTok Videos.

For Example – If you have 500K Follower and getting 100k to 150k Likes and about 30k to 50k comments. So, there are more chances that, You will get Popular Creator badge. Because Your Fans are Active.

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Tips – If you want more Likes and Comments on your TikTok Videos. So, ask them a question and get their reaction on your comment section.

Now, If your followers are active. So, you will definitely get Popular Creator tag or badge. But, Sometimes TikTok Team will review your account before giving you Popular Creator or Verified badge and If they found any Sensitive or Violent content in any of your TikTok videos.

So, they will not give you any Badge. So, If you have any such type of video on TikTok, Delete them & Try to make good and unique content.

To get a Popular Creator badge, Number of followers does not matter. I have also seen that Many TikTok creators have 2 Million Follower But they are not getting much Likes or hearts. So, They are not Popular in the view of TikTok.


To become Popular on TikTok, You should upload unique and quality content and At least 2-3 videos every day to stay active on TikTok. Also, try to get the response on your Video from your Fans.

If your Fans are active, you will definitely get Popular Creator tag or badge because There are many creators on TikTok who have 600K Followers and have Popular Creator badge on their account because they are getting much Likes and Comments on Their TikTok Videos.

So, Friends, I hope you will like this article on How to get Popular Creator tag on TikTok? If you have more suggestions. So, Let me know in the comment section below and I will be Happy to Reply you.
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