How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program and Earn Money?

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program and Earn Money?

Hi Friends, If you want to earn money from Promoting Products. So, Amazon Affiliate Program will be one of the best option for you. But, How to join Amazon Affiliate program and Earn Money? In this post I am going to give you every information related to Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce site. Already, Millions of Bloggers and YouTubers are using Amazon Affiliate program and earning daily Upto 1000$ Per day. If you also want to earn, You need to know some tips and tricks which will help you to earn more and more money from it. First of all, Let us know, What is Amazon Affiliate program?

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What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate program is also known as Amazon Associates program. If you join this affiliate program, You have to promote any products which is available on Amazon. If anybody buy a product from your Link, You will get paid from Amazon. It is very simple to earn money from it.

Now, Let us talk, What we need to Promote Amazon Products?
Well, You can not directly share your Amazon Affiliate link on WhatsApp or Facebook group. You need to create a Blog or an App to get started using Amazon Affiliate Program. If you do not know, How to create a Blog? So, Read this article – How to Create a blog for Free and Earn money?

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program?

It is very easy to join Amazon Affiliate Program. Follow these steps to create account –

  1. Visit Amazon Affiliate Program Page and Click on ‘Join Now For Free’
  2. You need to enter your Amazon id and Password
  3. Fill some basic information like Mobile number, Website or Blog URL etc.
  4. After filling, You info they ask you to complete payment and tax detail. You can skip this step and continue to Amazon Affiliate dashboard.
  5. Congratulations! Your Amazon Affiliate account is ready to use.

Note – You need to sell at least 3 products within 3 months to keep your account active or Amazon will disable your account and Then, You need to create a new Amazon Affiliate account.

How to Promote Amazon Affiliate Links and Products?

After creating an Amazon Affiliate Program account, You need to promote your affiliate links and products through social media and search engines (Organic traffic). Your can not directly share any Amazon Affiliate links on Facebook or any other social platform. To share your links you need to write an article on your blog and Then, You can share your article or post links on Social media to promote your product. To sell products, I will recommend you to share your article links on WhatsApp and popular Facebook pages and groups.
Also, You can promote your Affiliate links and products through App. You need to create an Mobile application and add Amazon Affiliate links in it. It is also a very popular method to do Affiliate marketing.


Amazon Affiliate marketing is very simple, If you do it in a right way. You just need to create a blog or an App to start earning money! Also, You do not need to a Professional marketer to join Amazon Affiliate program and If you are student, You can also earn money from it.

So Friends, I hope you will like this article on Amazon Affiliate Program. If you have more suggestions related to Affiliate marketing. So, Let me know your suggestions in the comment section below.
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